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Unique advantages
Acting for Fengbo Red Wine, the cost is reduced by 50%, the profit is increased by 100%, and the risk is almost zero. Three years'performance increased by 100%. Chile and France original bottle import wine direct marketing center, eliminate the past multi-tier franchise model, spot direct supply, low financial pressure. Each City corresponds to an agent. Unified operation throughout the country, to ensure the profit margin of the agents, annual inventory of 6 million bottles, to meet your demand for the supply of imported wine from the original bottle at any time.
Cooperation mode
The heart has how old, how big is the stage (strategic choice: suits own is the best!)
1.Join consultation: Interested parties can come to the headquarters for consultation by mail, telephone or themselves.
2.Visit: Headquarters is responsible for accompanying the model shops and answering related questions.
3.Application for franchise: After applying to the headquarters, the headquarters shall examine the application area according to its environment, consumption power and applicant's own conditions, and evaluate and analyze the investment budget, return on investment, operation status and continuing operation potential.
4.Signing the franchise agreement: signing the franchise agreement of Fengbo Liquor Industry, paying the franchise bond and the first batch of purchase money;
5.Design and decoration: Headquarters provides decoration design plan, and carries out decoration under the guidance of Headquarters, including store layout, pattern and unified store image;
6.Relevant training: Franchisors participate in business training and management training, including marketing planning, store management, practical operation, business circle positioning, development plan, etc.
7.Preparing for business: Headquarters sends people to assist franchise store opening activities and promotion plans. Later, I come to franchise stores from time to time to know the operation.
We provide services for franchisers:
1.Conduct comprehensive professional knowledge and management training for the staff of franchise stores;
2.Operational and management guidance;
3.Provide advice on location selection and decoration of stores;
4.To organize wine tasting meetings from time to time to promote the company's products;
5.Provide suggestions on product planning, business promotion, etc.
6.Provide the latest market trends and information at any time.
7.Provide guidance on overall marketing strategy and activity planning of affiliated stores;
8.We will ensure the quality of all products when they are out of warehouse and within three months after the arrival of the goods. If the sales are not satisfactory, we will replace the same and other varieties.
9.For the excellent customers of the company, they can be invited to study in factories and wineries in France and Chile to experience the pure wine culture.
10.Provide free product brochures and other promotional materials, employee nameplates, business card templates;
11.During the opening period, professional staff will be sent to conduct on-site opening guidance, staff training and post-operation guidance, and market operation supervision commissioners will be sent from time to time to conduct inquiries and operational guidance for franchised stores.
12.The first batch of money is to provide 5% more alcohol.
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    1. Meeting the First Delivery Requirement
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    2、It is better to have good social relations or market resources.
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    3、Legal person or natural person who has the qualification to operate liquor products legally.
Headquarters Standardization Requirements for Franchise Stores
1.Unified use of Fengbo brand logo;
2.Unified sales of Fengbo series products;
3.Unified training, unified management guidance;
4.Unifying the application of enterprise image recognition system;
5.The activities are carried out in accordance with the publicity standards of the headquarters.
6.Execute the retail price recommended by Headquarters, but allow discount sales when conducting promotional activities. Franchise stores must report to Headquarters for approval when conducting promotional activities.
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    Have good business ethics and certain financial ability
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    It is better to have good social relations or market resources.
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    Legal person or natural person who has the qualification to operate liquor products legally.
Conditions and Requirements for Franchisers
1.Legal person or natural person with civil performance ability, pioneering spirit, good reputation and credit;
2.He has a strong interest in wine industry and endorses the operation mode and management concept of Fengbo Wine Industry.
3.Have good reputation and credit level, have certain management ability and social resources, full of responsibility and pioneering spirit;
4. The investor guarantees the lawful operation. Comply with the management regulations of the headquarters, and accept the guidance, management and supervision of the headquarters.
5. Partners can only rebuild sales networks within the areas stipulated in the contract, and eliminate cross-regional and cross-channel operations.
6. Complete the agreement in the distribution contract to guarantee the minimum purchase amount and maintain the price order;
7. Actively search for competitors'product information and business trends;
8. Identify Fengbo's brand, products and business philosophy, and keep its good reputation and image in the process of operation.
9. Obligation to develop and manage lower-level business partners to expand market coverage and increase product share;
10. It is obligated to assist Fengbo in organizing and implementing various advertising, public relations and promotional activities.
Brand strength
Paving the way millions of a huge sum of money, achievement industry leading way (the source of the monopoly investment + + bare price chain distribution)
  • ① Investment Holding Independent Brand Authorization
  • ⑤ Full-range follow-up nanny service
  • ② Buy-out Agent Right of Holding Source
  • ⑥ Source supply, marketing, shop decoration, logistics and distribution and other one-stop services, open shop worry!
  • ③ Bare-priced Business Promotion Agent
  • ⑦ Modelization of Chain Store Opening
  • ④ All over the country, bare-price investment, eliminate the intermediate price increase link, low-cost supply, the most profitable link to the agents!
  • ⑧ Successful operation of more than 300 franchised stores, a complete set of feasible strategies, save a lot of expenditure, achieve rapid profitability!
Feng Bo qualifications
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Investment invitation and answer questions
How can wine franchisees make sustainable profits?
Chain stores are springing up like bamboo shoots after a rain. It's easy to open a wine franchise, but it's hard to make a sustainable profit. Before joining a wine franchise, we must make clear the profit guarantee system that decides the survival of the store. Understanding these profits will no longer be a problem.
1. Believe in the Power of Brand
Opening wine franchise stores must pay attention to the choice of brand, many unknown wine operators choose the best products to give you a taste of high quality. Wine and the real delivery of some products is difficult to guarantee the quality, paid for the shipment will no longer be questioned. In addition, the brand's popularity in the market is not high, it is difficult to form a chain matrix propaganda effect, the headquarters operators can not support franchise stores, there is no perfect support system.
This requires dealers to do a lot of research before choosing to join the franchise. They should make a detailed study of the strength, popularity, support policy, and the degree of intentions of the franchise stores, which have a series of impact on the profitability or survival of the franchise stores. Fengbo Wine Industry has a mature brand awareness, is a model of imported red wine industry, has accumulated a good reputation in the industry, has led a number of franchisees to the road of becoming rich.
2. Opening time node
It is very important to choose the right opening time. The sale of red wine is different from that of other products. Red wine is a product with obvious time consumption nodes. A month before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, there will be an explosive sales peak. Daily customer accumulation and brand promotion will exert their power before the two festivals. Red wine is also consumed more and more in people's daily life, but the explosive sales peak of the two festivals must not be missed, so the opening time of our franchise store is the most reasonable two months before the Mid-Autumn Festival and two months before the Spring Festival, so that the franchise store can recover the cost of investment as soon as possible and quickly embark on the road of profit.
In addition, the choice of the opening time node of wine monopoly stores can also choose the small peak period of wine consumption, such as the promotion period of May 1st and Eleventh wedding celebrations, Qixi Festival, the peak period of celebrating wine promotion and so on. Only by seizing the peak period of liquor use can liquor be quickly sold out, and franchise stores form a good cycle of sales mode, so that not only their own profits, but also the backlog of inventory to form a benign capital operation.
3. Deep Excavation Terminal Makes Market Research Well
Market research is an indispensable link. As the old saying goes, "Knowing one's friends and knowing one another will not kill another." Only by fully understanding the market, can we better control the market. First of all, we should analyze the local market for wine, fully understand what price we are likely to consume in the market, so that we can targeted to promote a certain price of products, targeted to the market, in order to achieve the desired results. Secondly, it conducts research on the consumer groups, subdivides the consumer groups, holds different forms of targeted activities, understands the consumer's demand for alcohol, and grasps every user who uses alcohol.
Some customers value price, some customers value quality, some customers value packaging, some customers value wine producing countries, different customers must have different products to deal with, this requires us to have a relatively complete product line, rich product line is another guarantee to achieve profitability. Lanfei Wine Industry contains imported wines ranging from tens of yuan, hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands and tens of thousands of yuan. It covers wine brands of major wine producing countries such as France, Spain, Chile, Australia and so on.
In addition, Market Research in addition to subdividing consumer groups, but also to carry out the subdivision of sales channels, to each sales channel to do in-depth understanding, intensive cultivation of each channel. For example, the wine industry has done a detailed operation manual for each sales channel.
What support does Fengbo Red Wine have?
Since the implementation of chain operation, agent franchise is the irreversible track of economic development, because it can get the greatest support from franchisers while maximizing the benefits. What support will it get to join Fengbo noble winery?
1. Training support: professional wine tasters, trainers team, provide professional and continuous wine training.
2. Decoration support: Provide free store design scheme; Achieve purchase amount, enjoy decoration subsidy proportionally.
3. Spare parts support: Headquarters provides uniform spare parts support, free distribution of various related spare parts and promotional gifts.
4. Advertising support: Put media advertisements on national or regional occasions to create a good brand image.
5. Product support: continuously increase new varieties to ensure product quality stability and supply continuity.
6. Operational support: Senior marketing managers provide on-the-spot guidance and training, customize marketing plans and avoid market risks.
7. Logistics support: one-stop supply, strong logistics distribution system, to ensure that orders are placed before the end of the day, evening delivery.
8. Loss support: Headquarters is responsible for all losses in transit, and the agent achieves zero losses.
9. Reward support: After reaching the annual task of the company, the agent will be given additional reward support.
10. Customer support: The company's website and the exhibition's customer resources, the agent has the right to share.
11. Regional protection support: a city only recruits one agent to ensure the exclusivity and monopoly of the region.
12. Follow-up service support: implement risk early warning mechanism, special person tour guidance, and improve the exchange system.
Fengbo noble winery agent message:
I changed from an amateur to a wine agent, thinking it would be difficult. I didn't expect that in less than a week, through the professional training of Fengbo noble winery, I learned a lot of wine knowledge and enriched myself. And the decoration design of the storefront is all arranged by Fengbo Wine Industry. With the support of Fengbo noble winery, I have more confidence in the red wine agent. Thank Feng Bo for giving me a road worth trying.
What's the agent price of Fengbo noble winery?
The product price of Fengbo noble winery varies from tens, hundreds to thousands and tens of thousands, and the grade from low-end, middle-end to high-end is clear enough to meet the needs of different regions and different consumers.
At present, there are many kinds of wine on the market, and the price of wine is also wonderful. If we consider the long-term development and operation of wine agents will never choose cheap blended wine, this is undoubtedly self-restraint.
Fengbo noble winery from France, Chile to China, from winery to consumer, we are the real exclusive importer; there are hundreds of kinds of products, pure and fresh taste all stimulate the taste buds of consumers, here you can always find a red wine suitable for your taste.
Fengbo noble winery agent message:
Fengbo noble winery wines of any price, can be combined with their local living standards to choose, I chose the price of low-end, taste suitable for our local taste of several drinks, in the local sales are good, customers feel that the price is very high, later I am ready to enter a small amount of high-end wine, now the living standard is good, have begun to learn to enjoy life. Hope to cooperate with Fengbo noble winery for a long time.
How about the quality of wine in Fengbo Noble Winery?
Each bottle of Fengbo Noble Wine in Fengbo Noble Winery can provide customs declarations and health inspection certificates issued by the State Customs and other agencies.
From the grape varieties, planting methods, planting density, grape yield, brewing methods, alcohol content, the maximum limit and other aspects of inspection and monitoring, so as to ensure that each bottle of Fengbo winery produced wine has good product quality.
Every bottle of wine in Fengbo noble winery has been strictly examined by China Customs Commodity Inspection. Each bottle of Fengbo Wine can provide customs declarations and health inspection certificates issued by the State Customs and other agencies to ensure that each bottle is authentic from Chile and France!
Fengbo noble winery agent message:
Originally, I just wanted to take a look at it with their cordial invitation. After that, I felt the warm atmosphere of the owner of Fengbo noble winery. I also appreciated the romantic feeling of French wine in their exhibition hall. After tasting it, I could feel the fragrance of the wine. I decided to take a batch of goods back to try the water first. I hope to show it in the field of red wine with my own sense of smell and intuition. Fist.
Free Access Agent Scheme
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